Coins That Count

It's time to collect coins for the Michiana Relief Sale.  Please follow the guidelines for collecting coins each week and then bring your filled container to the church on Sunday, September 23. The coins that you give may be any denomination – 1 penny up to a silver dollar or a mixture (dollar bills will not be rejected.)

August 3-11: Prepare a container for your coins. (Your container may be anything you choose to put your coins in.) Be as creative as you want to be. Most people around the world live in crowded quarters. Give thanks for your home and give 5 coins for each room.

August 12-18: Many people carry water from wells. Give 5 coins for each water faucet in your home and give thanks for clean water.

August 19-25: Many people have no Bibles. Give 4 coins for each Bible in your home.

August 26-September 1: MCC workers teach children and adults to read. Reading skills help get jobs to buy food. Give 5 coins for each grade of school you have completed.

September 2-8: Many people sleep on floor mats. Thank God for beds. Give 8 coins for each bed in your home.

September 9-15: Many people have few kitchen appliances. Give 3 coins for each appliance you have: coffee pot, toaster, blender, electric skillet, crockpot, etc.

September 17-22: Food shelves in the stores of some countries are often bare and many people do not have enough to eat. Thank God for the variety of food in your home and give 50 coins.

September 23 – Bring your filled container to church.

Posted on Wednesday, August 08, 2018