Stations of the Cross

The Stations of the Cross will look different this year. Physical stations in the church building will not run as they have in the past. They were slated to open through the week of April 5th-11th to prepare the congregation for a meaningful Easter celebration.  Since that cannot happen, please consider using the following information to recreate the stations in your own home. The following step-by-step instructions, meditations, and activities were taken from the binders used at the Stations of the Cross, written by Darren Kloepper several years ago.

Station #1: Jesus Anointed

1. Read Matthew 26:6-13

2. Meditate on the text

3. Consider: Beautiful things are often extravagant. The expensive perfume Mary brought to Jesus was worth a year’s wages. When she astonished everyone by pouring it all out for Jesus, the worth of her Savior exceeded her selfishness. In the same way, Jesus was about to pour out a gift so precious that even the angels looked on in silence and disbelief.

4. Reflect:

  • a. What is your most treasured possession?
  • b. Would you give it up for Jesus?
  • c. While Mary’s pouring out of her prized possession was called a waste, consider the thought that anything NOT surrendered to Jesus ultimately becomes a waste. Nothing poured out to Jesus will be forgotten. Let Mary’s legacy challenge you, but also look to Jesus, who poured His life out for your forgiveness. He gave up everything for you. Will you hear His voice and surrender all and follow Him?


Station #2: The Last Supper

1. Items to consider gathering: bread and juice for communion

2. Read Matthew 26:17-31

3. Meditate on the text.

4. Consider: Jesus had so much to explain. He knew that His disciples wouldn’t understand most of it, even if He had spoken of these truths in the past

5. The bread symbolized His body given for our redemption. The cup stood for His blood, shed for our forgiveness. The world would never know of a greater love, love that was willing to give his life even after looking into the eyes of those around the table who were about to forsake Him.

6. Take and eat the bread.

7. Take and drink the cup.

8. The ultimate sacrifice has been given for you. It’s only through this amazing gift that we can stand before the Father, forgiven and free!


Station #3: Jesus in Gethsemane

1. Read Matthew 26:36-46

2. Meditate on the text.

3. Consider: While the disciples couldn’t say awake, Jesus knew full well that they were all about to run away. The Old Testament prophecies wrote of it and the Father said it. The prayer repeated three times resulting in so much anxiety would not be granted. There was no other way. The surrender to the Father’s will was what He came to do. The weight of the world was upon His shoulders.

4. Think about the words, “Not my will but Your will be done.” Jesus gave up heaven itself and became a servant. a. As followers of Jesus how can we do anything less? b. Have we surrendered to the Father’s will? c. Do we even seek the Lord’s plans for our lives?

5. This is the place where we surrender too.


Station #4: Jesus’ Arrest

1. Read Matthew 26:47-68

2. Meditate on the text.

3. Consider: The precious blood began to flow here. Jesus could have called down legions of angels to fight in His defense. For the soldiers, Jesus was just another worthless Jewish criminal and they would gleefully introduce him to Roman crucifixion and the tools of torture. Often the severity of the flogging experienced here would result in death of the one condemned.

4. Reflection:

  • a. Do you question God’s love for you?
  • b. What more could Jesus have done for you?
  • c. How can you show God your love?
  • d. How can you honor the sacrifice of Jesus with your life choices from this moment on?

5. Make a decision today that will not cause His suffering to be in vain.


Station #5: Peter’s Denial

1. Items to consider gathering: a mirror and a dry-erase marker or paper and pencil.

2. Read Matthew 26:69-75

3. Meditate on the text.

4. Consider: Peter thought he would stand when all others would fall. But when the time came, Peter denied. As a follower of Jesus, Peter had heard Jesus say, “If you deny me before men, I will deny you before the Father.” Now those words became a weight with the potential to crush his spirit. Yet even the worst of sinners can be forgiven.  Peter found that to be true. So can you.

5. There is something powerful about gazing at your image in a mirror.

  • a. Take a long look at yourself.
  • b. Think about how God sees you.
  • c. Who are you?
  • d. How have you denied Jesus?

6. Take a dry-erase marker and write your confessions on the mirror (or write them down on paper with pen or pencil). The person you have been in the past doesn’t have to define you for the rest of your life. Yes, we have all denied Jesus just like Peter. But Peter experienced the greatest gift he would ever imagine. He was restored. You can be restored too.

7. Confess here and weep bitterly, but leave with a renewed love for God that results in a life devoted to Him.


Station #6: Jesus Mocked and the Crown of Thorns

1. Items to consider gathering: a way to watch an online video.

2. Read: Matthew 27:27-31

3. Meditate on the text.

4. Consider: When we hear others ridicule and accuse us of something we know we didn’t do, we’re very quick to declare our innocence. Jesus was the only one who was sinless, yet He endured the mocking of mere mortals. He fell silent when the insults overwhelmed. Wounds from physical sufferings are painful indeed, but often the emotional scars from hatred and rejection are far worse.

5. Watch “Stations of the Cross : Jesus Is Beaten and Crowned” on YouTube

6. Jesus didn’t deserve any of it, yet for your sake, He took it all. Jesus humbled Himself in a way that deity should never have to. Nothing like this has ever happened before. God in the flesh was enduring the insults from His own creation so that He could make them pure and dwell with them forever. What kind of God is this?


Station #7: Jesus’ Crucifixion and Death

1. Items to consider gathering: two pieces of wood to make a cross. A hammer and nails. Red paint (or pen, or marker, or chalk) and a large piece of white paper (or canvas or notebook paper)

2. Read Matthew 27:32-50

3. Meditate on the text.

4. Consider: The cross was always the plan, Jesus came to this earth to seek and to save what was lost. The cross was the only way to reconcile sinful men to a Holy God. The cross reveals both the justice and love of God. Sin would be punished and love would be shown. And with justice being served and the penalty of sin satisfied, the Father could look upon those who embrace Christ with forgiveness. Jesus took our place on the cross and now we can be declared innocent of all sin. His blood washed away every sin and every stain.

5. With the hammer, strike three nails, three times each, into the cross. Listen to the sound. This is the sound of His suffering and our pardon.

6. Take the red paint (or pen, or marker, or chalk) and write one of your sins that Jesus washed away.

7. It’s absolutely true! The blood of Jesus has paid the price. Jesus paid for our sins in full. It is finished.

Posted on Thursday, March 19, 2020