Prayer & Praise Items

December 6, 2017
First Mennonite Church

Praise God for the wonderful renditions of Messiah last Saturday and Sunday. Pray that in this Christmas season the true message of God’s love in the gift of His Son will be made known.

Praise God for the beautiful music during the Christmas season, reminding us of the gift of God’s Son, Jesus Christ.

Pray for our missionaries: Kurt & Katie Cline. Thanks for thinking about us and being willing to pray for us. We want to praise God for helping me through my hernia surgery and helping Katie get through two LONG weeks alone with the boys! We are also very thankful for the way God continues to provide monetarily and with personal needs for Freedom. Our prayer request would be for our medical bills that have piled up a bit. The boys had their eye surgery in May (which was not covered by insurance because of a loophole) and I had my recent surgery in November. We just pray that God would continue to provide and help us to trust Him with our finances.

Pray for 8 unspoken requests.

Pray for our college and high school students as they study for their semester finals.

Pray for the Night in Bethlehem this coming Sunday, December 10.
God calls us to encourage each other. Here is a list of December birthdays for missionaries and church staff. A basket will be placed in the foyer in which you may place cards for them, and these will be sent for you.
7 Renee Liechty 12 Josh Linthicum (Jeff)
17 Lillian Meyer (Grant) 18 Bonnie Flueckiger
19 Megan Linthicum 22 Gordon Claassen
26 Mary Hope Stucky 28 Brent Hyman
29 Camden Hyman (Brent)

Markle Rehab Center: Roy Liechty (surgery recovery)

At Home:
Bonnie Sprunger (eye surgery on Thursday)
Brandon Hill (surgery January 11 for spinal tumor)

Cancer: Sharon Wheeler, Betty Stuber, Byron Fox, Jerry Flueckiger, Clyde Wulliman, Mic Hodson, Tim Breauchy, Bob Beitler, Phil Sprunger, Larry Reinhard

We pray for these who are part of the First Mennonite family:
George, Anna, Kristen & Rebekah Steiner
Chris, Shelby & Forrest Reusser
John & Connie Malberg
Jeff & Becky Lehman
Elmer Graber
Bracton & Briana Eicher
Matt & Kadin Beaman
Doris Liechty
Glenna Moser
Please phone Prayer & Praise items to church office, 8:00
a.m.- 4:30 p.m., 589-3108, or Jerry Flueckiger, 589-4666.