Prayer & Praise Items

March 22, 2017
First Mennonite Church

Praise God for the challenging messages by our pastors which we hear each Sunday. Pray that as the Word goes out, it may bear fruit in our hearts and in the hearts of all who hear.

Pray for our missionaries of the week: Loren, Pat, Kenneth & Kyle. 1. Please pray for Kyle as he is struggling with the decision of where to go for college when he returns from his 9-month Bible training. 2. Pray for Loren and Patricia as we do our partnership-raising work, which we hope to finish by August. 3. Pray for Pat's American citizenship to finalize. 4. Kenneth has a part-time job. Please pray for full-time employment in his area of Marketing.

Pray for the safety of all who will be traveling during spring break.

Mission departure date for Grant and Jess Meyer is August 1. 30% of their support is still needed. Your prayers and support are appreciated.

Continue to pray for our college students and youth; for the difficult adjustments, struggles, and pressures they face.

Pray for 7 unspoken requests.

Pray for the leaders of our nation.


God calls us to encourage each other. Here is a list of March birthdays for missionaries and church staff. A basket will be placed in the foyer in which you may place cards for them, and these will be sent for you.
23 Noelia Fox   23 Tad Wulliman   31 Jan Claassen


Adams Memorial Hospital: George Dynes - pneumonia;
Sharon Wheeler - pneumonia; Jayne Mann - cellulitis

Claire Kuprowicz (cu-PRO-uts) - progressing
Ray Gerber - Swiss Village rehab
Tim Breauchy - (Dan’s brother) – liver cancer
Bob Beitler - stage four cancer treatments
Findlay Hospital - Phil Sprunger (Reggie Steiner’s brother) - tests

We pray for the following who are part of the First Mennonite family:
Matthew, Amy, Raegan & Jaylyn, & Keirra Steffen
Rick & Sharon Neuenschwander
Bob & Miriam Liechty
Ted & Hazel Lautzenheiser
Jason & Megan Dennison
Von, Dawn & Nickolas Balsiger
Syd, Modjeska & Lori Hawkins
Grace Sprunger
Neill & Edith Von Gunten
Kristen Sprunger (Ryan)

Please phone Prayer & Praise items to church office, 8:00
a.m.- 4:30 p.m., 589-3108, or Jerry Flueckiger, 589-4666.