Prayer & Praise Items



May 15, 2019
First Mennonite Church

Praise God for the Wednesday evening teachers. They have faithfully taught God’s Word during this year, and the Lord has blessed their ministry.

Praise God for all the faithful kitchen workers who make the great Wednesday evening meals. They have been appreciated by everyone. Thank you!

Praise God for our mothers who shared the gospel with us from our youth. We can never fully measure the blessing we derived for Christian mothers.

Praise God for the Das Marit farmers’ & artists’ market, as they have begun the new season. Thank the Lord for this outreach, as they seek to bless many in the community.

Pray for our missionaries of the week: Chuck & Carole.Greetings to our church family! We have a specific prayer request to share with you. We recently found out that Jonathan has a congenital heart condition. It is not life-threatening and is not currently causing him any problems. However, it is best that he gets it attended to now that we know about it to avoid possible complications later. On May 21, he will be having a procedure that should take care of things. We are thankful to God that this was discovered now, and that he is still covered on our health insurance for another five months before he ages out! Please join us in prayer for Jonathan as he faces this, for his safety, for the medical team's care as they do the procedure, and for God's presence in all of it.

Pray for 6 unspoken prayer requests (thanks for upholding these needs in prayer).

Pray for comfort and encouragement for families who have lost loved ones in the past weeks.


Pray for the 27 people going on the Dominican mission trip June 8-15.

God calls us to encourage each other. Here is a list of May birthdays for missionaries and church staff. A basket will be placed in the foyer in which you may place cards for them, and these will be sent for you.
16 Kenneth Claassen 17 Pat Claassen 17 Olivia Maxwell 25 Bob Reusser 26 Chuck Fennig 30 Judy Moser

Swiss Village Therapy: Janet Bixler

At Home: Connie Nagel spent a couple of days in the hospital. Pray for his continued recovery at home. Barbara J. Sprunger is awaiting test results from recent tests.

Cancer: Marinel Sprunger, Lena Nagel, Sharon Wheeler, Don Graber, Jerry Flueckiger, Clyde Wulliman, Mic Hodson, Tim Breauchy, David Kloepper

We pray for these who are part of the First Mennonite family:

Willis & Eleanor Nussbaum
Mitch, Tracy & Rachel Simon
Orlando Sprunger
Dave & Sue Wullliman
Ruth & Shad Swygart
Dennie Baumgartner
Sue Carlson
Jerome Flueckiger
Alan & Cindy Habegger
Bill & Gretta Lehman

Please phone Prayer & Praise items to church office, 8:00
a.m.- 4:30 p.m., 589-3108, or Jim Schwartz, 525-0124.