Prayer & Praise Items

January 22, 2020

First Mennonite Church
Praise God for His loving-kindness to us in providing warm homes, clothing, and food for us. So many people in the world are lacking these essentials. Pray that we may be willing to share some of the manifold provisions we have.

Praise God for volunteers who staff nursery, child care, and children’s ministries during our services, showing Jesus’ love to the little ones while giving parents the opportunity to be refreshed and to grow in their faith.

Pray for our missionaries of the week: Doug & Kerry Bryan.
We're grateful for a time of rest and being together as a family over the Christmas holiday. Please pray for Elias and Adeline, as they've been sick this week. Pray also for Douglas as he starts a new semester with a new student and even a student teacher. Please pray for KICS (Kigali International Community School) as we seek new Christian educators for the next school year, as well as for a few to fill in the upcoming months to cover maternity leaves. Pray that families at KICS would come to know Jesus and that the school continues to grow in a way that glorifies God. Thanks so much for praying with us.

Pray for 6 unspoken prayer requests. (Thanks for upholding these needs in prayer.)

Sunday, January 19, was Sanctity of Human Life Sunday. Pray for our nation and every country around the world to understand the value of life from conception through the senior years.

Pray for the women’s retreat January 31-February 1.

Pray for those who will be volunteering with the meat canner this week, as well as those who will be receiving the cans around the world.

Pray for the Annual Business Meeting this coming Sunday.

Pray for comfort for the family of Doris Liechty, who died on January 15; also to Lena Nagel, Becky Jackson, Joe & Julie Adams, Fred & Claudette Stauffer, and other family in the death of Connie Nagel on January 17; and to Rick & Sharon Neuenschwander in the death of his mother, Betty Neuenschwander, on January 18; and to Lloyd & Carol Neuenschwander and Denver Neuenschwander in the death of Ruby Neuenschwander on January 19.

Lutheran: Paul Lehman (infection in foot)

Swiss Village Rehab: Floine Dynes

Home: Anita Marble (will be undergoing ablation for the nerves in her back on January 24. Pray that the procedure gives her the pain relief she needs.); Rick Liechty (recovery following surgery); Brandon Hill (had outpatient surgery at Lutheran yesterday)

Elsewhere: Jack In’t Groen’s father had a stroke. Pray that his recovery time goes well as he has shown improvement.

Cancer: Mic Hodson, Don Graber, Jamie Cressman, Lena Nagel, Sharon Wheeler, Katie Reinhard, Malcom Lehman, Kevin McBarnes (now on Hospice), Lori Rhodus, Ruben Sanchez

We pray for these who are part of the First Mennonite family:
Bill & Vickie Beachey
Chris, Alyssa, Danielle, Hannah & Olivia Adams
Chuck, Carole, Daniel, Jonathan & Matthew Fennig
Darin, Kim, Seth & Estella Ringger
Jim, Amanda, Juliana, Elizabeth, Maggy, Ella & Burton Bluhm
Joe & Janell Schwartz
John & Sonja Bluhm
Kendall Lehman
Mic & Linda Hodson
Nathan, Amy, Corbin, Aaron & Ben Hirschy

Please phone Prayer & Praise items to church office, 8:00 a.m.- 4:30 p.m., 589-3108, or Jim Schwartz, 525-0124.