go into all the world...

First Mennonite Church supports missions and missionaries all over the world. Currently, we have missionaries in areas of the world that are sensitive. For their safety and security, we cannot list their names and the places they serve.

mission festival

The annual Mission Festival is held during November.   With mission speakers from all over the world, Children’s Mission Festival, and many displays, we are challenged to continue our support of missions.

The 2023 Mission Festival, including the Kids' Mission Festival, will be held from November 5 - 12.  Join us for services and activities centering around the theme "Building Bridges to the Kingdom." You can find more information about the week by clicking on the link below.


our backyard

Opportunities exist to join in missions and outreach without even leaving the Berne area. We support a number of local ministries and encourage one another to become involved, sharing Christ's love in tangible ways with those in need.