Who is Imago Dei?

Greetings Y’all. Thanks for checking out this First Mennonite Youth page. As you read, you’ll get an idea of what goes on over here, but you’ll also hear the phrase, “Imago Dei”. That is latin for Image of God. We named ourselves that 'cause that is who we are and what we want to be known for. Also, it sounds super awesome.

Sunday Mornings

Sunday mornings during Sunday school in Junior High, we either cover Old Testament & New Testament characters, stories, and books, or we dive into a video series together. Sunday school for the Senior High covers various books of the Bible in-depth at a time.

Wednesday night

Wednesday nights, consist of biblically sound teaching from, not gonna lie, some pretty cool youth leaders. Mainly our teachings take us through different books of the Bible and cover topical issues that youth are faced with such as who is God, worldview, social justice, and more. We believe community is very important, and this is reflected in how we run our Wednesday nights where both Senior High and Junior High are together for announcements, prayer, and worship but then separate for teaching and small group.

Now our midweek changes once summer hits. Our summers usually consist of service projects, a Cedar point trip, pond parties, lake days, and bible studies. Also, depending on the year, we go on a mission trip to Columbus Ohio, a historical trip to Philadelphia Pennsylvania, and every 4 years we take an international mission trip

Connect with Imago Dei

There's a lot more we do as a group that we haven’t listed, but if you want to know what that is, you’ll have to join us sometime. Life with Jesus is an adventure, feel free to join us in it!